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I agree with you, http://www.mymajors.com is a great source of information on finding a college major.


Encouraging. Some day there may even be hope for those of us who are foolish enough to set as our goal a phd in the humanities.


I agree with Phil. I think the problem in India and elsewhere is the focus on the 'hot paying' jobs.

Guess the reason for so many tech schools to have mushroomed up in India is because of the demand to study these tech courses so that they can get the tech jobs. And sadly, many do not explore what they are really capable of.

So, i guess one needs to learn to chase one's passion and not just paisa...


well, it is a little biased article. True schools in india have been focussing on memorising but no one loses the capacity to think. if that had been the case indian graduates wouldnot have been able to attract so many companies. I still think Indian graduates ae cost effective when compared to their counterparts in other countries. With such a huge population, skilled labour will be available. India still has the appeal, it is not yet time to breathe easy about you future

Phil Gerbyshak

Great points Katie. The communication gap is a huge barrier, and the rising wages mean less opportunity to show the quick hit to the bottom line outsourcing often brings. What many fail to realize is customers expect service, and are willing to pay for service, if it's great service. If you're providing average service, heck, go ahead and outsource. You're going to be irrelevant soon enough. Aim for great, and stop trying to compete on price alone.

This goes equally well for college grads. Stop worrying about entering a "hot job" market. Instead, focus on your unique talents and on developing useful skills, and find jobs that offer more than just the flavor of the week. Chase your passion, not the latest bubble, and you'll find success.

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